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Stockholm Syndrome

When a spy dials a wrong number, could it be the connection of a lifetime? 

Leigh is a secret agent in peril with only one hope to save her life: her agency’s emergency hotline. But who memorizes phone numbers these days? She's praying the number in her head is the right one. Guess what? It’s not. 

Amanda is an office temp, working the phones at the public radio pledge drive. When a strange call comes in from a woman claiming to be a spy, she assumes it’s make believe. A late-night rescue mission? She's willing to play along. How’s she supposed to know the mysterious woman in the trunk of an overturned sedan is the real deal? 

They're drawn to each other from the start, but things quickly shift from flirty to furious when Leigh is forced to reveal her true identity and take Amanda with her on the run. The answers lie in Stockholm, but whether Leigh faces more danger from the Russian mobsters who want her dead, or from Amanda’s wrath at being kidnapped, is anyone’s guess.


But if they can figure out a way to work together, the seasoned agent and the savvy civilian just might make the perfect team!

Don't miss this hilarious romantic romp from best selling lesbian fiction author Miranda MacLeod!

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