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Flight Plan


Two women entangled in a web of danger, deception, and unexpected desire. Will their fake romance be the key to survival, or will it unravel the very foundation of their hearts?

Reggie Hawkins is used to living a lie. As the closeted lesbian daughter of a billionaire media mogul, the only luxury she can’t afford is being herself. She yearns to escape the toxic grasp of her family's global news empire, but her father’s latest demands once again threaten to plunge her deep into the corporate politics she despises.

Gwen Murphy is a woman on the run, haunted by a relentless and sinister shadow group. After unwittingly uncovering a nefarious scheme involving the most advanced spyware ever created, she is forced into the role of a whistleblower, leaving behind everything she’s worked so hard for.

Their paths collide during a fateful diversion in Zurich where an unforgettable encounter sparks a connection neither can forget.

Destiny reunites them in New York City, where Reggie proposes a daring plan—a tabloid-fueled fake relationship that will allow her to wrest control of the business, and her life, from her domineering father while giving Gwen the resources she needs to start her life over in safety.

As the spotlight intensifies, so does the attraction between the two women, blurring the lines between fiction and reality. But in a world riddled with deceit and betrayal, Reggie and Gwen must learn to trust each other and find solace amidst the chaos.

Will their love be enough to conquer the forces that seek to tear them apart?

Prepare to be captivated by this sensual ice queen, age gap, fake relationship, billionaire romance novel from the best-selling writing duo of TB Markinson and Miranda MacLeod that will leave you breathless until the final, unforgettable page.

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