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Fifty Percent Illusion

fifty percent illusion.png
The final step in a journey of fame, fortune, and finding a second chance at love

Rorie and Cecily were friends turned star-crossed lovers during their senior year in college. Driven apart by secrets and the demands of Cecily’s powerful political family, neither could ever get over the memory of the life they’d planned to share.

Reunited half a lifetime later in a small community theater in Connecticut, the sparks between them were quickly rekindled, but they had to overcome the ghosts of their past before they could embark on a new future together.

After a leap of faith, their lives took a dramatic turn and they had to learn to navigate the dual pressures of fame and family under the bright lights of Hollywood.

In this final book of the Love’s Encore trilogy, Rorie and Cecily are just settling down and looking forward to a quiet and predictable life together when unexpected news changes the course of their future forever.

Can the twists and turns of fate finally lead to a happy ending?

Don't miss this lesbian romance from best selling author Miranda MacLeod!

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