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London Holiday

What happens when the price of saving your job is betraying the woman you love?

Jordan is an American journalist living in London, but when her newspaper is sold to an infamous tabloid king, she has one week to produce a sensational tell-all article, or she’s out of a job—and out of the country. When a runaway princess nearly falls into her lap, it seems like the answer to her prayers.

Abby was a typical California girl until a twist of fate turned her into Princess Abigail, the heir to the throne of her father’s kingdom. When presented with an opportunity to escape her royal duties for a night out on the town while on an official state visit to London, she seizes the chance. But when she’s rescued by the woman of her dreams, she begins to doubt that she can ever return to royal life again.

As their madcap adventure carries them through the streets of London, both Jordan and Abby suspect they’ve found their perfect match, but if the secrets they’re hiding are exposed, will their relationship survive?

London Holiday is a modern-day fairytale inspired by the classic film Roman Holiday, with a sapphic twist and the happy ending you always wanted. 

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