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Letters to Cupid

Cover Letters to Cupid (1).png
Can an American celebrity chef and an Italian chocolate maker cook up a magical recipe for true love?

Valentina is a single mother who owns a struggling chocolate shop in the sleepy Tuscan village of Montamore, a forgotten place where a statue of Cupid is rumored to have the power to grant the deepest desires of the heart to all who ask. But how can Valentina ask, when doing so would mean admitting to herself and everyone else that what her heart desires most is the love of a woman? All she’s ever wanted is to fit in. She’s determined to provide a quiet, normal life for herself and her daughter, even if doing so means being alone.
While on a PR blitz of Italy to promote her TV show, American celebrity chef Andie finds herself lying low in the hillside village of Montamore, a place too small for its own dot on the map, after a tabloid scandal threatens to destroy her career. With nothing to do but worry and wait, she’s more than happy to spend some time flirting with a local chocolate maker who’s as irresistible as the sweets she sells. Soon, Andie is shocked to discover that her heart longs for much more than a temporary distraction. But even if she can convince Valentina to give her a chance, how can she balance a relationship in Italy with a career in the States?
When it comes to realizing the deepest desires of their hearts, it just might take an act of divine intervention for these two women to find their future together!

Don't miss this best selling romance from lesbian fiction author Miranda MacLeod!

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