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Romances Cowritten with TB Markinson

Holly & Ivy

Available in Ebook, Print, and Audio

The only thing harder than saving the world is doing it alone.

Best-selling lesbian romance authors T.B. Markinson and Miranda MacLeod team up to bring you a holiday romance that’ll warm your heart and make you believe love conquers all.

The Love Project

Available in Ebook, Print, and Audio

Can a long shot bring love to a couple of lonely hearts?

When a struggling advice columnist recruits a woman who has never understand love to star in a new web series, helping her make sense of her identity just might bring them both love.

Two of a Kind

Available in Ebook, Print, and Audio

When a city girl and a Wyoming cowgirl make a life-altering decision in LasVegas that neither can remember, each woman has something the other needs, and neither will budge until she gets her way. They just want to get on with their lives, but will they end up falling in love with their wives?

Devil's Advocate

Available in Ebook, Print, and Audio

Attraction sizzles as two rival attorneys team up on a case with stakes that could change everything for them both. They’re both used to doing whatever it takes to win. What happens when only one of them can be victorious in the end?

Midlife is the Cat's Meow

Available in Ebook and Print

A paranormal women's fiction romance that celebrates women over 40, strong female friendships, and an unexpected midlife sapphic awakening!

Heart of Ice

Available in Ebook, Print, and Audio

What happens when the one person who makes your heart sing is also the one person who could destroy everything you’ve worked for?

A scorching ice queen, age gap romance about love striking twice.

The AM Show

Available in Ebook, Print, and Audio

Would you give up your lifelong dream for a shot at everlasting love?

When an aspiring reporter falls for her co-host, and biggest celebrity crush, both women must ask which is easier to walk away from: the careers they've poured their souls into or the love of a lifetime? 

Take Two

Available in Ebook, Print, and Audio

A professor needs a celebrity for her local Pride parade. An actress needs a girlfriend to survive a month of filming in her hometown. It should be a match made in heaven, except the two women dated in college, and haven’t spoken since. Can this fake relationship lead to a second chance at love?

Christmas at Rainbow Falls

Available in Ebook, Print, and Audio

A sweet small town holiday romance with quirky characters and lots of heart, written in the style of your favorite television Christmas movies!

Flight Plan

Available in Ebook, Print, and Audio

A sensual ice queen, age gap, fake relationship, billionaire romance between the daughter of a media mogul and a whistleblower on the run. Will their fake romance be the key to survival, or will it unravel the very foundation of their hearts?

Say Cheese

Available in Ebook, Print, and Coming Soon to Audio

A spicy age gap romance where one night of passion could lead to a lifetime of love. In a small town teetering on the brink of collapse, will one woman's arrival seal a factory’s fate or open the floodgate for love and redemption?

Romance Cowritten with Em Stevens

ASLS ebook cover.jpg
Another Stupid Love Song

Available in Ebook, Print, and Audio

The stage is set for success and heartbreak when a rock and roll legend must team up with a younger musician to save her floundering career. This tour could lead to true love, or tear the band apart... along with their hearts. How far will they go for success? Don't miss this sizzling enemies to lovers, age gap, rock star romance!

Serial Romances

A London Love Story

Available on Kindle Vella

Four young American women form an unlikely bond as they search for Sapphic love and the meaning of life in London.

New episodes post every day, Monday through Friday, on Amazon's new Kindle Vella platform. Start reading today!

Standalone Romances

Telling Lies Online

Available in Ebook, Print, and Audio

When her dating app decides she’s a man, what’s a lonely lesbian to do?

What starts as a technical glitch soon snowballs into a comedy of errors in this mistaken identity romance. Can true love prevail when it’s founded on a lie?

Hearts in Motion

Available in Ebook, Print, and Audio

After tragedy strikes, can love blossom out of grief?

A heartwarming and emotionally gripping medical age gap romance between an emergency room doctor and a young artist whose shared loss could help them find common purpose, or tear them apart. 

Waltzing on the Danube

Available in Ebook, Print, and Audio

They’re the only two single ladies on the Lesbian Love Boat. Can opposites attract?

Opposites attract when analytical, reserved Eleanor and impulsive, outgoing Jeannie discover they’re the only two singles on what was supposed to be a lesbian singles cruise along the Danube.

Accidental Honeymoon

Available in Ebook, Print, and Audio

Would you marry a woman you hate for a life-changing inheritance?

This slow burn, enemies to lovers, fake relationship romance is as thoroughly intoxicating as the wine from their New England vineyard.

Holme for the Holidays

Available in Ebook, Print, and Audio

A charming and funny romance that will fill your heart with holiday cheer!

An American musician with a broken heart meets an English farmer with a hidden past on a holiday house swap in Yorkshire. It starts as a fling, but can a bit of Christmas magic help them build a new life together?

London Holiday

Available in Ebook, Print, and Audio

What happens when the price of saving your job is betraying the woman you love?

An American reporter in London encounters a princess in disguise in this modern-day homage to the classic film Roman Holiday, with a lesbian twist and a happily ever after ending.

Stockholm Syndrome

Available in Ebook, Print, and Audio

When a spy dials a wrong number, could it be the connection of a lifetime? 

A case of mistaken identity sends an ordinary American office temp on the run with a beautiful and mysterious international spy in this tongue-in-cheek romantic spy caper!

Cover Letters to Cupid (1).png
Letters to Cupid

Available in Ebook, Print, and Audio

Can American celebrity chef and an Italian chocolate maker cook up a magical recipe for true love?

In a Tuscan village where a statue of Cupid has the power to grant the deepest desires of the heart, is there any power strong enough to thaw the heart of a woman who has given up on love?

Love's Encore Trilogy

A Road Through Mountains.png
A Road Through Mountains

Available in Ebook and Print

When star-crossed lovers reunite, the road to happiness is anything but straight.

Star-crossed lovers Rorie and Cecily are reunited almost twenty years after their relationship came to an abrupt end. Can they overcome the ghosts of the past to find their happily ever after together?

fifty percent illusion.png
Fifty Percent Illusion

Available in Ebook and Print

The final step in a journey of fame, fortune, and finding a second chance at love.

Rorie and Cecily are looking forward to a quiet, predictable life when unexpected news changes the course of their future forever. Can the twists and turns of fate lead to a happy ending?

Your Name in Lights (1).png
Your Name in Lights

Available in Ebook and Print​

Starting over on the west coast brings a whole new set of challenges.

The second book of the series finds Rorie and Cecily embarking on a new life in sunny California, but will the pressures of time, distance, and some very persistent paparazzi be too much for them?

Love'sEncore_2 (1).jpg
Love's Encore Omnibus

Available in Ebook and Print

A poignantly realistic and deeply moving love story that will take you on a journey of fame, fortune, and finding a second chance at love.

This special omnibus edition contains all three unabridged books in one convenient bundle.

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