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Love is in the air!

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, which most people assume, being a romance writer, must be my favorite holiday. It really isn’t. For one thing, my cats love to eat flowers, which they later “regift” in most unpleasant ways, usually on or in my favorite shoes. So, roses are out. Also, speaking of roses, my local public radio station spends weeks hawking long-stem red roses for Valentine’s Day. I love public radio, and by right about now, I can recite the whole spiel. Want to know what gave me the idea for my spy in Stockholm Syndrome to have the public radio station be the only phone number she could remember? Yep, it was the Valentine’s Day pledge drive. Forget about 911. If I’m ever in a life threatening emergency, WBUR will be the only phone number I remember, thanks to those Valentine’s roses.

However, there are two very exciting bits of news I have to share that are Valentine’s Day related. First, two of my books, A Road Through Mountains and Your Name in Lights, are part of the Fall in Love lesfic mega sale, priced at just 99c until Friday. If you happen across this post once the sale is ended, similar sales are held several times per year, so make sure you sign up for the newsletter to find out about the next one.

And second, I’m a few weeks away from publishing my next book, Letters to Cupid, a story that just happens to begin on Valentine’s Day. It’s a charming story about an American celebrity chef named Andie, who is hiding out in a little hillside village in Tuscany to escape a tabloid scandal when she meets a local chocolate maker named Valentina, a woman who, despite her very romantic profession, has given up on love. There’s food and wine, and lots of chocolate, and a little bit of magic, too. Keep an eye out for the email announcement when it publishes in March!

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